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Creating Connections Counseling!

Creating Connections Counseling is a seasoned mental health practice that specializes in marriage counseling, addictions, depression, anxiety, and self-worth issues. Considering that all of us have the opportunity of dealing with challenges in our lives, some personally and some in our relationships with others, it’s nice to know that assistance is available when needed.  Creating Connections Counseling knows how important it is to have a close and secure bond with a spouse who is responsive, accepting, and caring.  When these needs aren’t met, we can find ourselves filled with loneliness, sadness, and fear. Creating Connections Counseling provides marriage helps so that couples can make reaches for connection so they may ultimately get their attachment needs met and be happy.  This can be a scary pursuit if you and your spouse are caught in a negative dance that leads to increased pain, sadness, and fear.  Creating Connections Counseling helps couples to push through pain, sadness, and fear in a safe environment in order to get the connection they long for.  Vulnerability is a risk, however, when done in a safe and supportive environment, it can create connection and intimacy.  If this is a goal for you and your spouse then call (801) 981-4128 to schedule your appointment.