About Me

Brian Armstrong is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has been practicing since 1999.  He is a graduate at the University of Utah and specializes in working with couples and those struggling with addiction.  He is a student of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and enjoys instructing therapists and students on this model that is the most effective for treating marital issues.  (For more information about EFT please see the EFT tab.)  

Brian has learned the most from his marriage of over 25 years as well as from his relationships with his three children. He’s thrilled to be a grandpa to his granddaughter who just so happens to love ice-cream just as much as he does. He enjoys spending time with his family and considers them to be his greatest teachers when it comes to creating healthy marital and family relationships.  His hobbies include wakeboarding, biking, listening to music, photography, and singing.